Contributors’ Submission Handout

Everything You Need to Know About ARCHAIC PRESS

WHO are we?                                                                                                      

Noticing that some of our own friends are the most talented artists of this century, we’re giving them a voice—and better yet, a canvas. Archaic Press Magazine is an independently run fashion and culture magazine which publishes quarterly, expressing the ideas and talents of our millennial generation. We thrive on social media, and so we want to use that to our advantage. Centered around models, photographers, designers and artists whose talents are waiting to be discovered, we create a physical manifestation of our generation’s tremendous capabilities. We’ll be featuring up-and-coming artists, as well as individuals who are making it famous over the internet—social media superstars.

Focusing on fashion throughout the ages, our aesthetic is classical—made colorfully artistic. We want to find those artists next-door, designers of the unique, models who give life to clothing and photographers who capture their own perspective of the world through the lens of a camera.

WHAT are we looking for?

With our debut Winter 2014 issue we saw an array of unique photographers and design aesthetics. The bar was set high, and we’re hoping to continue elevating it. We are currently preparing for our SPRING 2014 issue, a mosaic of colors contrasting clean whites, and we’re looking for photographers and independent designers with an innovative eye and an inspired view of the world. Following the guidelines below, we’re looking for photographers to create their own fashion editorials that both represent themselves as artists and the fashion trends of the season—taking simple trends & beautiful ideas and turning them into art. And better yet, showcasing some up-and-coming designers and models that deserve some attention. The process is simple: choose a trend from our list that inspires you, submit an inspiration board for approval, then create an editorial that you’d be proud to have in ARCHAIC PRESS. Once your boards have received approval, your stylists will receive access to commission letters to obtain clothing. Whether you’re working with a stylist, a local designer, or by yourself, remember that we’d like to have a balance between high-fashion brands and ready-to-wear brands that are easily accessible to our readers.

WHY are we accepting submissions?

We see your talent and we want to give you a voice. Your images speak for themselves, but we want to get them out there for everyone to hear. We’ll be featuring at least two full 6-10 page editorials every issue, and featuring a handful of individual pieces. Follow our guidelines and use the inspiration boards to your advantage. The more inspiring your pieces, the more likely they will be to make it in. But don’t fret, we’ll also be posting online-only content and for those who can’t compose a full editorial, if you submit images of the trends for the issue we may just include them in our articles.

WHAT’S in it for you?

An opportunity to be seen by some of the industry’s top editors, designers, publishers, etc. And better yet, a place in newsstands all over Southern California—with a fan-base expanding every day. We’ll be cultivating some the finest talent around, and if you make an impression on us, a select few will be given the opportunity for commissioned editorials in the future!

WHEN will we hit newsstands?

Our SPRING 2014 issue will hit newsstands this February!


Contribution AGREEMENT – Photographers

SPRING 2014 Contributors’ Submission Handout

SPRING 2014 ISSUE Submission Guidelines

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